The Downtown Dallas Merchants

As Merchants in the community of Downtown Dallas we feel the need to make this city a special place for our guests to visit, as well as for the people who call Dallas home. In the past decade the town of Dallas has undergone a dramatic change. The historic courthouse located here in downtown Dallas has undergone much renovation and is now home to the Paulding County Fine Arts Association which supports local artists with studios and a public museum. The Main Street of Downtown Dallas has also undergone much improvement to improve the town as a whole. The courtyard as well as the surrounding areas provide a wonderful atmosphere that welcomes the public. Renovations have even extended to the Historic Dallas Theater to further support the arts in our local community. We welcome everyone to the beautiful city of Downtown Dallas to enjoy this idyllic historic setting while browsing the many unique shops and stores on Main Street and nearby.

Events for Local Dallas-Hiram GA Area
Dallas Merchants inviting Dallas, Hiram, Acworth, Cartersville | Paulding County GA to Share in Dallas Community.
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